Frequently Asked Questions


Why purchase Dell through Global Technologies?

As the most experienced Dell distributor and warrant agent in PNG, Global Technologies can fulfil all warranty servicing as part of your purchase. We keep new and refurbished parts onsite, and our technicians undergo ongoing Dell Certified Training so we can provide quality servicing in rapid timeframes. If you purchase Dell products outside of Papua New Guinea you may forfeit the benefits of purchasing Dell through us, including warranty servicing

Plus, with our extensive experience and our trained technicians, we can help you make purchasing decisions, perform installations and configurations and provide local technical support for the life of your Dell product.

Where can I find information about returning Dell products purchased through Global Technologies?

Please contact us on +675 321 4322 (POM) or +675 472 2311 (Lae) to talk with one of our Sales Representatives and we’ll let you know what to do.

Where can I find information about Dell Warranty for products purchased through Global Technologies?

Please contact us on +675 321 4322 (POM) or +675 472 2311 (Lae) to talk with one of our Sales Representatives and we’ll walk you through our fast, simple Warranty process. If you didn’t purchase your Dell product through Global Technologies and have a Dell product for repair under Warranty, simply contact your original supplier to discuss your options.

Global Internet Access Services

How do I set up an Internet account?

Firstly you will need:

  • A Computer
  • A Modem

Almost any computer can be connected to the Internet. To register an account please download the Global Internet Application From from or simply give us a call on +675 321 4322. 

What is Dialup?

Dialup is slow internet but is the cheapest option. You can dial up from any good quality phone line. For more information, click here

What is ADSL? 

ADSL is much faster, has additional charges (starting from K21/month) but is limited to one location per connection. For more information, click here.

What is Wireless?

Wireless is very fast but is a more corporate solution. Commonly combined with an ADSL connection you can connect your office with a highly reliable internet service. For more information, click here.

I've applied for Global Internet Broadband, how long until I get it?

Our ADSL Registration Process is as follows:

  1. Registration - Allow 1 working day. Global Internet receives the completed ADSL Registration form and verifies that the customer has completed all relevant sections.
  2. Nominated line qualification - Usually same day unless further testing is required. We instruct Telikom to complete the ADSL installation at your nearest ADSL capable exchange.
  3. The application is sent to Telikom for the physical provisioning of the ADSL service and configuration of the customers requested line.
  4. Shipment of Equipment - Allow 5 working days

Customers can obtain 30 minutes of free installation support through the Global Internet Technical Helpdesk. In the Port Moresby area we offer K100 installation. For technical support, ADSL modem set up assistance, configuring email client, and line problems support is available Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm by calling +675 321 4322 (Port Moresby) or +675 472 4311 (Lae).

How long does it take to activate my Internet Service from the time I lodge my Application Form?

We take great pride in connecting Internet services efficiently and with little interruption to your day. While we provide approximate timeframes, delays out of our control may impact on delivery times.





1- 2 business days.

  • No phone line
  • Application not complete
  • Customer has unknown problems on their computer
  • Customer does not have a modem.


Quoted at the time of lodging Application form.

  • Provisioning process is solely completed by Telikom
  • No existing phone line
  • Customer has unknown problems on their computer.


1 - 2 weeks including site inspection.

  • Mast being required to make wireless connection.

Do I get access to a Dialup account with ADSL and Wireless Services?

Yes, a dial up backup account is available with all Global Internet ADSL and Wireless services. When using Dial-up you will incur additional call connection charges from your telephone company (Telikom charges up to K3.60 per hour for calling the Dialup numbers in their peak period – see below). Depending oin your plan you may also incur time charges from Global Internet if you connect more than 40 hours in the month:

Telikom charges for dialing into the internet are:

Mon – Sat 0730 to 1730 K3.60/hr
Mon – Sat 1730 to 0730 K2.40/hr
Sun K2.40/hr all day

How much faster is Global Internet ADSL than a regular dialup modem?

Global Internet ADSL provides blistering performance compared to older technologies and the following table shows some examples.

File Download
(File Size)
Modem 33.6Kpps ADSL 256Kbps ADSL 1.5Mbit
128kilobytes 30 seconds 4 seconds 1 second
6 Megabytes  24 minutes 3.1 minutes 32 seconds
40 Megabytes 2.7 hours 21 minutes 3.5 minutes

How do I check to see if I can get Global Internet ADSL?

You will need to contact us and check. We are aiming at covering all of PNG with ADSL but this is something that is in the hands of Telikom. Once the availability of ADSL to your premises has been confirmed it will still need to be qualified and is dependent on such things as the distance that you are located from the exchange and the quality of the copper cable in place.

What is involved in an ADSL service check?

ADSL cannot be provided on all phone lines. Global Internet will know, or at least will check whether your phone line meets the following basic requirements:

  • Your telephone line belongs to an ADSL enabled exchange.
  • Your home or business is within a certain distance from a Telikom exchange building.
  • Your telephone line is a straight PSTN service without any ADSL incompatible equipment such as PABXs, Commanders, pair gain systems etc.
  • There are no incompatible products associated with your telephone line.
  • A service qualification check will only be carried out after an agreement for the service has been signed. If the qualification check is positive the service will be installed however if the check is negative you will be advised and your signed agreement will be void.

Please note: If your phone line passes the service qualification test, this does not guarantee that broadband can be successfully installed.

Why can’t I get ADSL?

You may not be able to get ADSL for many reasons but the most common are:

  • You are too far from the local telephone exchange.
  • The local telephone exchange is not enabled.

How will I know if and when Global Internet ADSL is coming to my area?

Global Internet can record your details and contact you when the service becomes available in your area.

What is the ADSL Set up Fee?

In order to use ADSL your normal telephone line must be enabled for ADSL. This is done at the telephone exchange level and it is unlikely a technician will need to come to your home or office. The one-off fees are:

  • REGISTRATION K25.00 - One-time non-refundable registration fee for every new Global Internet customer and ADSL application.
  • ADSL ACTIVATION FEE K50.00 - One-time fee payable to Global (collected by us on behalf of Telikom)
  • ADSL PORT FEE 17.34 - Collected by us on behalf of Telikom

Click here to view the current pricing:

If I have ADSL installed on an existing telephone/fax line will my existing service will be cancelled?

No. When an existing service is selected for conversion to ADSL, it will still be available for voice/fax services.

Does ADSL pricing differ for regional areas?

Global Internet now has nationwide pricing for all our ADSL packages. To view the latest pricing click here:

Will my normal telephone features work with ADSL?

Your telephone features will work as normal.

Will ADSL affect the quality of my phone service?

Not at all, your phone and ADSL service reside on totally separate frequencies, so you can make calls or send faxes while surfing the Web, and your phone reception is as crisp and clear as ever. However, C-10 central filters are required to be used on each telephone line outlet you are utilising.

Will my telephone line work if my ADSL line goes down?

Most likely your telephone will be all right, but conversely if your telephone doesn't work then it's a safe bet that your ADSL service won't be available either. Re-establishing your ADSL connection might be as simple as restarting your computer or modem/router.

Will a PABX or Commander System work with ADSL?

Yes, but you need to install a central splitter before the PABX or Commander system.

What will I need if I am running a Back-to-Base security system?

A Central splitter/filter must be installed if you are running a back-to-base alarm system on your phone line. In order to install Central Splitter, one should have Telikom approved technician.

Can I use an EFTPOS on the same phone line used for ADSL?

An inline filter may work however you may require a central splitter especially if there are multiple devices on the line (fax/answer machine/EFTPOS/dial up modem).

Why do I need a filter on every device with ADSL?

ADSL services operate on a higher noise frequency in comparison to devices such as telephones, fax machines, Dial up modems, EFTPOS machines and back to base security systems. A filter is needed to filter out this high frequency noise. Without the filter, these devices are basically unusable because of the amount of noise being transmitted. Not having a filter on each device will also cause no connection or intermittent ADSL Internet connection.

An ADSL Filter for a standard telephone handset comes with every modem/router supplied by Global Internet. A filter will be required for every cordless telephone handset and for every fax machine on the same phone line as the ADSL service.

A central splitter must be installed on the service phone line, if you have:

(a) A monitored ‘back to base’ security system, which operates via the same phone line as the broadband service.

(b) More than 3 telephony devices connected to your broadband phone line.

(c) A mode 3 phone socket connected to your broadband phone line.

Installation of any required central splitter hardware is at the customer’s own expense. The customer should contact a Telikom approved technician to install the central splitter.

What speeds should I be downloading at if I have ADSL?

Broadband Speed Average in Kilobytes

256kbps ~25 kilobytes per second

512kbps ~50 kilobytes per second

1.5Mbps ~150 kilobytes per second

How do I test my ADSL speed?

Go to the free download page on Global Internet web site: A good site to test it is at Make sure you use the Port Moresby server to test and make sure no other computers/programs are using the internet.

I'm switching from another ISP to Global Internet; can I use my existing modem?

Yes, but only if it is a Global Internet approved modem.

What modem/routers does Global Internet support?

Global Internet provides technical support for modems/routers that have been purchased from Global Internet.

Can I upgrade my existing Dialup modem to an ADSL modem?

No, ADSL modems are very different technology to any existing dial up modem. If you have an existing ADSL modem it may be able to be used with the service however we recommend that only Global Internet provided/approved modems be used on the service.

What do I do if my modem is faulty?

Faulty modems, which were purchased from Global Internet, are required to be returned to Global Internet. Global Internet will then test and replace any faulty modems; up to a year from the date they were purchased. If the modem is over one year old, you need to return it to the manufacture for warranty purposes.

What ADSL type does Global Internet use?

All plans are now PPPoE.

I have a Wireless Router. Can I use my Global Internet ADSL Connection from any location?

Generally speaking, the wireless coverage is large enough to cover most residential premises, but will vary from user to user. The wireless link to your Global Internet ADSL connection is limited by range, which in turn is determined by a number of factors. These include the number of walls the signal must pass through, the building material of these walls, and the presence of other wireless signals in the area. Once you are out of the range of your wireless access point, you will lose connectivity to your Global Internet ADSL link. You are limited to the range of your wireless access point.

Who will install the modem?

Customers can self-install the modem. You just need to follow a simple step-by step procedure supplied with the ADSL modem.

Does Global Internet supply installation assistance?

Yes, Global Internet can provide over the phone support for 30 minutes free of charge for all new connection. Onsite set up assistance is available at K100 in Port Moresby. Configuring email client, and line problems support is available Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm by calling +675 321 4322 (Port Moresby) or +675 472 4311 (Lae).

Does Global Internet provide onsite installation?

Onsite set up assistance is available at K100 in Port Moresby.

Once my ADSL service is installed, will I be automatically connected to the Internet?

Yes, as long as your ADSL equipment is plugged in and turned on and your PC has been configured for the ADSL service. Dial up and timed call charges do not apply to an ADSL service.

What are the different Dialup numbers?

1880000 - General
1880020 - 4.8Kbs
1880021 - 14.4Kbs
1880022 - 19.2Kbs
1880023 - 33.6Kbs
1880024 - 56.0 Kbs Flex
1880025 - 56.0Kbs V90
1883100 - Analogue 33.6Kbs
1886000 - Available for Goroka, Kokopo, Kimbe, Madang and Rabaul Users Only

1880000 - 56Kbps
General Number for all users throughout PNG. Works well with all modern modems under average to good environments. Connect speeds up to 56Kbs. If this doesn't work well for you, try one of the below numbers.

1886000 - 56Kbs
Digital Number for Madang and Goroko Users Only. If you don't live in these areas then please don't use this number. Works well with all modern modems under average to good environments. Connect speeds up to 56Kbs. If this doesn't work well for you, try 1880000 or one of the below numbers.

1880020 - 4800bps
For very remote areas of PNG with problematic telephone service. Very slow but very reliable. Works well with very old modems. Connect speeds up to 4800bps

1880021 - 9600bps
For very remote areas of PNG with problematic telephone service. Also slow but may improve reliability. Better staying connected than being dropped off all the time. Also works well with older modems.

1880022 - 14400bps
1880023 - 33600bps
Take your pick and try one of the above. Ideal for people in the remote areas using Telikom's satellite service. For those people using the 1883100 number I strongly urge you to try 1880023!

1880024 - 56Kbs (V90)
1880025 - 56Kbs (Flex)
For the purest. May help a few, but not many..

1883100 - 33600Kbps
Old faithful analogue modem service.

How can I set up my Dialup and Email using Windows Vista?

  1. From the Start menu, click on ‘Connect To’.
  2. Click on ‘Set up a connection or network’.
  3. Click ‘Setup a dial-up connection’.
  4. Click Next. Enter the required information for the connection:
    Dial-up phone number: 1880000
    User Name: (the Global Internet account that was assigned to you)
    Password: (the password chosen by you when you registered)
    Remember this password (check this box)
    Connection Name: Global Internet Connection
    Allow other people to see this connection: Check this if you want this connection for all users on your computer (recommended)
  5. Click ‘Connect’ to create and save this connection. You have successfully created a Dial-up Connection in Windows Vista.

To access the web with Global Internet using the connection you have now created, follow these steps:

  1. Click on ‘Start’, and then ‘Connect To’.
  2. Left click on the ‘Global Internet Connection - Global dialup-up connection’ and select ‘Connect’ at the bottom.
  3. The Dial-up windows will be displayed. Simply click on ‘Dial’ and your computer will connect to the Global Internet network.

How can I set up my Dialup and Email using Windows XP? 

Launch the New Connection Wizard.

To launch the Windows XP New Connection Wizard, first open up your Control Panel. You can find the Control Panel by going to the Start button, and then Control Panel (unless you have switched to classic mode, in which case you will have to go to Settings first.

In the Control Panel you will see an icon called Internet Options. If you do not see it, then click the ‘Switch to Classic View’ link on the left. Double click this icon to open settings for your Internet connection and click the tab labeled ‘Connections’ that is along the top. Now click the button labeled ‘Setup...’ which will start the New Connection Wizard.

Running the New Connection Wizard.

By following these few simple steps you should successfully prepare your computer to connect to Global Internet Connection dial-in service and to the Internet.

  1. On the first screen click the ‘Welcome to the New Connection Wizard’ button.
  2. On the next screen select the first button labeled ‘Connect to the Internet’ then click ‘Next’.
  3. The next screen should ask you ‘How do you want to connect to the Internet?’ to which you should reply, ‘Set up my connection manually’, then click ‘Next’.
  4. Click the ‘Connect using a dial-up modem’ button, then click ‘Next’.
  5. Now you need to enter the name of your Internet Service Provider. This is the name you would like to give this particular Internet connection, for instance, "Global Internet Connection". Once you have done this, click the ‘Next’ button.
  6. You are now asked to enter the telephone number 1880000 and then click the Next button.
  7. On the next screen you will be asked for your username and password. You should enter your Global Internet username and password. The username is the same as the beginning part of your email address (but not including the

    If you are setting up a com

Global Internet accounts

How can I contact you for support?

Help is available by phoning +675 321 4322. Technical support is available 5 days a week from 8am to 5pm. Should you encounter a message system, please leave your name and phone number so we can get back to you. Should you require us to visit on-site for any reason, a minimum callout fee of K100.00 may apply.

What is my Customer ID?

Your Customer ID is a number you will have received on your Global Internet Invoice. This number identifies your account; you will need it when you contact our Accounts Department.

What is my Username?

Your Username is a word which is always all lower case. You use this name to dial-in to the Internet and will also require it when using email. When you open a new account you will be asked for a username. When you receive your invoice to confirm that your account has been set-up it will list your username.

Can I change my Username?

Yes, you can change your username. We can cancel your existing username and create a new one, however your email address will change accordingly. Call our helpdesk or email us on! Other contacts are here:

Phone support is available Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm by calling +675 321 4322 (Port Moresby) or +675 472 4311 (Lae).

What is my Email address?

Your Global Internet E-mail address is Where Username is your username. If you are uncertain of what your Username is please visit the Contact Global Internet page:

What is my password?

You are required to select a Password when setting up a Global Internet Internet account. This provides you with a way to keep your account secure. Your password should contain a combination of numbers and letters. Your Password does not appear on your invoice for security reasons; therefore, if you have forgotten your Password you will need to contact our support team:

When calling you will need your full name, mailing address and phone number. You will also need your Customer ID. Phone support is available Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm by calling +675 321 4322 (Port Moresby) or +675 472 4311 (Lae).

Can I change my password?

Yes, you can change your password. In fact it is a good idea to change your password frequently for security reasons. You can change your Password by contacting support: When calling you will need your full name, mailing address and phone number. You will also need your Customer ID.

Why was my username and password rejected?

Check you have spelt them correctly and ensure your caps lock key is not on. Usernames and passwords are generally all set to lower case. If you are using Windows NT, leave the domain field in your dialler blank as it will append this to your username.

HELP! I lost or forgot my FTP username and password. How do I obtain my username and password?

In order to obtain your FTP username and password, you will need to contact support and provide information that will help identify you or your company which includes a Global Internet Customer number, name it was registered under, company address, contact details etc: Phone support is available Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm by calling +675 321 4322 (Port Moresby) or +675 472 4311 (Lae).

When and how can I make changes to my Global Internet Account?

We only have 2 conditions on any account changes. Firstly, changes must be made on a calendar month basis, and secondly, written confirmation is required for security reasons. Account changes are implemented from the first of the following month after notification in writing is received. Password changes are implemented immediately.

If I'm currently on Dialup, can I change my Internet Service to ADSL and/or Wireless?

Yes you can! If you are currently using Global Internet’s dial-up service, simply download the Internet Application form, enter your existing account details and complete the ADSL and/or Wireless send it back to us and we’ll be in touch to make the new connections.

How much data have I used?

We have a User Services area which shows you a history of your logins. Click the “User Services” link in the top banner of the Global Internet section of this website and after entering your username and password you will have access to each month’s connection and data usage and a bill approximation complete with a comparison to if you were on a different plan. Alternatively, visit and this will take you to the same login screen.

We recommend you check your logs regularly.

Why is my Internet usage so high?

Internet services provided by Global are billed they same way as other utility services such electricity or water. Each time you connect to Global the amount of data you download is metered and billed accordingly. If you feel that your usage is too high, we offer services to help you examine your network and optimise your system making it as efficient as possible, please give us a call for more information.

If I just browse the web without downloading anything, surely I'm not using my download quota?

Downloading is an action. It is the transfer of information from a computer on the Internet to your computer. Browsing is a form of downloading. When you view Web pages, you have downloaded the information you see from the Internet. 

Web pages vary in size. A Web page with only a small number of pictures and a lot of text will be relatively small in size. A colourful Web page with video content and pictures will be, as a rule, a lot larger.
A good indicator of how large a Web page is how long it takes to download. Small pages appear on your screen quickly and larger pages take longer.

Some examples of downloads are:
• email (usually small downloads)
• Web pages (average data consumption)
• games (average data consumption)
• MP3s, music or pictures (more data consumption)
• Programs (can be large)
• video (heavy data consumption, at least 1MB/minute)

I am relocating - what do i need to do to relocate my GLobal Internet ADSL Service?

Pending ADSL availability we can change your service to another location, but you will incur new port (K17.34) and an activation fee (K50) at the new location.

How long does it take to relocate my Global Internet ADSL Service?

It will take approximately 10-14 working days.

My Network Card is connected at 100Mbit/sec. Why is my Internet connection not as fast?

When you see the network icon in the System Tray with the connection speed, whether it is 10/100mbps or 11/54mbps (wireless connections), this simply indicates the speed of the link between the computer and the network device (router or modem) this interacts with. Whether it's a modem/router, a network switch or a wireless access point, the reported speed is a reflection of the connection to that device into your computer.

However your Internet speed is solely determined on your external line, your modem and the plan you have with Global Internet. Regardless of the speed of the link between your computer and the modem or access point, your Internet connection should be whatever plan you are paying for with Global Internet. Expected ADSL download speeds depend on your ADSL plan and are as follows:

Broadband Speed Average in Kilobytes
256kbps ~25 kilobytes per second
512kbps ~50 kilobytes per second
1.5Mbps ~150 kilobytes per second

Why does my connection drop out on Dialup Services?

Due to the nature of the Internet, an occasional line drop out is to be expected as phone lines are designed to carry voice, not data. However, constant dropping out indicates a problem. Most of the causes of dropouts are to do with phone lines but there are a few simple things you can try yourself:



Disable call waiting

If you have call waiting on your phone line, disable it.

Adjust modem speed

Although most modems will default to a speed of 115,200kps, very few will actually hold a connection at this speed. Turn the modem down to 57,600 or even 38,400. You may find that this actually speeds up your throughput as there are fewer errors generated on a more stable connection.

Unplug all phones

Make sure that there are no other phones connected to the same circuit including extensions. Phones pull a little bit of power off the line at regular intervals to maintain memory and some phones can cause dropouts when this happens.

Try another modem

Some modems handle noisy lines better than others. If you are able to borrow another modem it is sometimes worth trying to see if it is your modem that is causing the problem.

Set an idle time out

Idle time is when you are still connected to us but not actually downloading anything. The time out option means that after a specified period your modem will automatically disconnect. We suggest you make this about 10 minutes as we have had users connected for up to 3 days and not realize it. Be sure to turn off the modem and unplug it from the phone line when you are finished, particularly during the wet. An idle time which is too short may be another cause of regular drop outs.


What is my password for my Email?

Your E-mail password is the same as that you use to log-on with. If you are uncertain of what your Password is please visit the Contact Global Internet page:

If you have multiple emails you will have different passwords for each email address.

How do I set up Email?

To set up an email account on most email software involves clicking on a menu item called Tools and select Account Settings. There you can generally find a wizard that asks you questions. Choose POP/SMTP mail, which is typically the first option. Leave everything default and enter your assigned email address when it prompts you, your assigned password when it prompts you and the mail servers it will ask you are the incoming and outgoing mail server addresses which are both the same for Global Internet:

Why do I get multiple copies of the same Email message?

This is caused when a mail program fails to send a "received" code for a specific message and the messages are repeated until it succeeds to send the code or the message is deleted from the server. To delete an E-mail from the server please visit and login with your usual login and password and there you can delete the offending mail.

Can I collect my Email from a different computer?

Yes. You will need to configure the Email Client on the new computer for your account. It is possible that if you receive mail on two computers that your mail will be split between the two computers. There is an advanced setting you can use on the mail account settings that says ‘keep mail on the server for x days’. If you set that to 14 days you have a 14 day window to receive mail on both computers.

A good alternative is to use webmail: which you can use from anywhere in the world.

How can I arrange to have new Email accounts set up with Global?

Simply give us a call on +675 321 4322 or download an Application Form.

How can I access my Email whilst overseas?

Go to and enter your email username and password and everything will be straight forward from there. You will have the ability to read, reply, compose, forward and delete your email messages anywhere in the world.



What is website hosting?

Website hosting is a service provided by Global Internet, it allows an individual who has been granted access, to upload HTML files to a computer on Global Internet's end, these HTML files in return are made viewable over the Internet by visiting a designated URL. HTML is a standard adopted by the world wide community to display information on the Internet, Website hosting is not limited to just displaying HTML files, given the server side functionalities are supported, other standards can be displayed or simply put, the website space can be used just as storage for files, any type of files.

What is Domain Name Hosting?

Domain Name Hosting is when your domain information is stored on our Domain Name Servers (DNS). 

Please Note: Domain Name Hosting does not allocate web space to host your Web Site or email addresses, nor does Domain Name Hosting give you access to the Internet. Click here to find out about Global Internet Web Site Hosting:

Can I host my website without hosting my Domain name with you?

Yes, it is possible to have Website Hosting without Domain Name hosting. All that is required is to ensure your Domain Name Hosting provider points your domain the space Global Internet has set up for you on one of our Hosting Servers. Hosting your website and Domain name with Global just means we can take of everything for you with little fuss.

Does website hosting include domain name hosting?

Global Internet Website Hosting includes Domain Name Hosting.

How can I apply for commercial and non-commercial Domain Names?

Complete a Domain Name Application form and send it back to us with payment and a photocopy of your IPA Business Registration Certificate (Only required for Commercial or domain names). Two years Domain Name Hosting fee is required for new users without an existing Global Internet Account. Visit our Web Hosting page for more information and fees.

Are there any mailboxes included in your domain and web hosting packs?

Global Internet domain name & website hosting packages do not include any mailboxes. Your internet data plan allows for a certain number of free mailboxes on our service and more are available for a fixed fee if you need them:

Why should my company have a domain name?

A Domain Name enables you to create a unique presence on the Internet. Your Web Site and employees' e-mail addresses will reflect your corporate identity rather than your Internet Service Providers name, and will make it easy for your clients to locate you on the Internet.

Having your own Domain Name will give your company and employees a professional and consistent image that can be reflected in all company stationery and advertising material. Employee e-mail addresses allow for their full name, for example:

Your Domain Name is portable when changing account types and Internet Service Providers, which means you can keep the same web site and e-mail addresses.

Your Domain Name does not indicate your company size therefore levelling the playing field.

Can I host my personal website using my account?

Yes, existing Global Internet Customers will have 200MB of Web space to use for basic HTML Websites – conditions apply. FTP settings to use are, use your account details for login and password.

Have a look at:

Why have Global Internet Host your Domain Name?

Having your Domain Name hosted on our stable network will mean fast and reliable service, along with 24hr, 365days a year uptime. It will also reduce network traffic that would occur if you were to host your own DNS server on your own LAN.

How does your company get its own domain name?

For .pg domains call us or email us on Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm by calling +675 321 4322 (Port Moresby) or +675 472 4311 (Lae).

For international domains you can use any domain registry.

What Domain Name Registration rules do I need to satisfy?

International Domains
There is no restrictions on who can register international .com .net .org .biz or .info domains. Any individuals or companies on a first come first served basis can register domains as long as you are not infringing on any trademarks.

Specific eligibility and allocation rules apply to different domain extensions in different countries.

How much does registering a Domain Name cost?

The cost of registering a domain name varies, depending on the domain name registrar and the location. Global Internet can Register a Domain name on your behalf, then host the Domain Name and your website.

Which domain name should I choose?

The domain name you choose should meet 2 key guidelines: 

  • It should be easy for your customers to remember
  • It should say something about your organisation and protect your online identity.
  • Traditionally organisations have simply used their business name as the basis for their domain name. For example and – this is a good place to start. If your organisation's exact name is unavailable, you can always consider abbreviations or acronyms.

How do I register for Domain Name Hosting with Global Internet?

To register for Domain Name Hosting with Global Internet, please email us on Other contacts are here:

What is a Registry Key?

A Registry Key is a password provided by a domain registrar which stops your domain from being transferred or tampered with by others.

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name Server/System) is a system used for connecting domain names to their webserver. It allows people to visit your web site by simply typing in your domain name rather that the IP Address.

How do I change my DNS settings?

Your DNS settings are automatically allocated by our DHCP server when you connect. If you need to make changes to DNS Records for your own domain hosted by us you must contact us: email and other contacts are here:

How do I cancel my Hosting with Global Internet?

To cancel your Hosting services you must inform Global Internet in writing of this cancellation. Global Internet can the unconfigure the DNS system to not cause any conflict with your new domain name settings.

When my domain name is registered, who owns the domain name?

A domain name is leased during the time in which you have it registered. Under most circumstances, once you have successfully registered a domain name, it is yours to have hosted where you like, whilst you have paid for annual registration or renewal costs.

What happens if I made an error with the spelling of my domain name?

Some registrars will offer a grace period during the setup phase of your domain name, which will cater for such events. It is recommended that you consult the registrar as soon as you discover any error with the registration.

What is an A-Record?

An Address Record is used to link your domain to its corresponding IP Address.

What is an MX Record?

A Mail Exchange record identifies the mail server that handles email for you domain name.

What databases do you support?

We support MySQL which runs on Linux.

Do you support shopping cart?

A shopping cart is a solution to a problem rather than a service, an electronic shopping cart is software/code embedded in your website, as an example to keep track/count of items purchased through the website.

Will my site be fast if hosted with Global Internet?

The simple answer is yes, our servers are optimised to handle heavy loads. If your website has certain requirements that you feel need to be addressed then it is best to discuss these issues directly with the Webmaster, by emailing your question to Other contacts are here:

What sort of content am I allowed to publish on my website?

Global Internet is a responsible communication service provider, we conduct our business according Papua New Guinea communication legislations.

It is the responsibility of the publisher to ensure that their published contents are legal.

Global Internet will take appropriate actions to ensure that no illegal contents are published on Global Internet web servers. Global Internet will take appropriate action in response to complaints, and ensure the contents are in compliance with usage terms and conditions.

How do I publish pages on my website?

If you are publishing pages yourself you will need to use an FTP client or a website design program that includes one to upload files to your website.

Alternatively, Global Internet can design and develop your website for you and we have flexible solutions where you can add, delete and edit pages yourself using a Content Management System, or we can manage this on your behalf for an hourly fee. Click here for more information

Currently my domain is hosted by Global Internet - how do I request for website hosting and extra mail boxes?

Email us on! Other contacts are here:


How do I bring up a Web Page?

To view a Web Page (say you need to open your browser and simply enter it into the address line of the browser and hit enter. The page will then load into your browser. You can use your mouse to click on the ‘links’ to move to other internet sites or webpages. Web pages are generally intuitive and some are easier to navigate then others. Some websites are hosted on slow connection and some are fast. If a website is having problems you may see an error come up. The error is out of our control and if a website is not available (say you need to contact them.

What is a Start Page and how do I set it?

A start page is a Web Page that automatically loads when you open your browser. You can set your Start Page to whatever you want it to be. Generally you click on your browser’s option menu and select start page. This is handy if you want to see the page for instance when you start your browser.

How do I perform a search?

To perform a search on the internet you need to use a Search Engine. There are a number of different Search Engines. Global Internet recommends Google! which is one of the most popular search engines. To perform a search with Google here:

How many megabytes is an email, a Web page, a song or even a video?

The size of anything on the Web will vary enormously. There are ways to check the sizes of the files you download.

To check the size of an email: Open MS Outlook for example and before clicking on any individual emails the size of it is normally mentioned on the right. If it says 1MB or more it is considered large. If it is an attachment you typically see a paperclip on one of the columns to the right. You can read the email without opening the attachment. If on opening the email you see pictures and multimedia coming up it is also using data, but not normally much.

To check the size of a music or video or program file you just click on it and it will tell you how much it is going to download and ask you where to save it.

If you click listen to the audio or view the video it will consume a lot of data.

Why can’t I open any websites?

Try the following actions, and in check if the browser works in between each step.

  1. Right mouse click the connection icon on the task bar, the right bottom of your screen and select Diagnose/Repair
  2. Check the browser setting, In Internet Explorer, Click Tool -> Internet Option -> Security Tab -> Select Internet -> Click Default Level Button. Select Advanced Tab -> Click Restore Defaults
  3. Check the browser is not using a proxy, In Internet Explorer, Click Tool -> Internet Options -> Connections Tab, Select the dialup connection -> Click Settings. Under the heading Proxy Server check this option is not ticked
  4. Remove Temporary Internet Files and cookies, In Internet Explorer, Click Tool -> Internet Option -> Under the heading Temporary Internet Files ->Click Delete Cookies and Delete Files.

I can’t open a secure site, my online email, hotmail etc.

Check the browser setting, In Internet Explorer, Click Tool -> Internet Option -> Security Tab -> Select Internet -> Click Default Level Button. Select Advanced Tab -> Click Restore Defaults

“Browsing the web” - what is a browser?

A browser is program that interprets HTML documents and displays them to the user. This type of program is required to view Web Pages and comes standard with your Windows or Macintosh computer. There are lots of different browsers, the most popular of these being Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome.

What is an IP Address?

An IP address is a unique address given to a computer when it is connected to the internet. Global Internet can provide either static or dynamic addresses depending on your own requirements. Normally a customer receives a dynamic address that can change each time you log on, but business customers with more complex networks require a static address that is always the same. Static addresses are available for a nominal monthly fee – call us on +675 321 4322 for more information.

How can I keep the contents of my computer safe and secure when using the Internet? 

The best way to browse safely is to make sure you have a good, current anti virus solution, properly installed and updated along with a firewall. If you have concerns or would like some help setting these up, please call our Helpdesk we can arrange for one of our engineers to help you.

What is a domain name?

A Domain Name on the Internet is the equivalent of the street address of your business and can be personalised to include your company name. It's what people type into their browser to find you online. Your Domain Name is exclusively yours and is used by others to locate you on the Internet. It consists of your company's name followed by a suffix that shows where the company is based and what type of organisation it is, for example: and can contain letters, numbers, hyphens and must be in lowercase.

What do latency, packet loss and transfer rate mean?

Latency: Latency is the period of time taken to move information from one location to another - it is the delay in moving a packet of data. This is most commonly expressed by ADSL users as their 'ping time' - which is actually a measure of the latency in moving a packet from one location to another and back again - otherwise known as the Round Trip Time. 

Packet Loss: Packet loss refers to the percentage of packets which, when transmitted in the network, fail to reach their destination. Packet loss, as indicated by tools such as 'ping', indicates the loss in either the outbound or the return direction, and does not indicate the location or direction in which that loss occurred. It is commonly referred to as a percentage, with 0% loss meaning that all packets were carried to their destination successfully.

Transfer Rate: (often called 'download speed' or 'throughput'): This is the rate at which data is transferred over a connection. It is often expressed as a speed in KiloBITS per second or in KiloBYTES per second.