We offer integrated hardware and software solutions that allow you to meet your business goals.

Whether it’s a high-end server or a single PC, we’ll find the right products, match the software, and configure the system so you can focus on doing business with increased performance, productivity and profitability.

We retail Dell computers and servers, NCR ATMs, HP/Epson/Oki/Lexmark laser, Inkjet, Dot Matrix Printers, Inter-networking Equipment, CISCO Networking equipment and Powerware / APC UPS from 300va to 15Kva.

We are also providers for communications equipment ranging from IP based PABX's and other VOIP solutions.

In addition to providing basic software such as Windows and MS Office, we provide utilities, anti-virus and specialist software solutions tailored to suit your business objectives. We’ll install it, provide training and then maintain it, depending on your individual business requirements.