Sunday 11 July 2020
The CIO Imperative - discover dell's insight into the role of the future cio

DELL Technologies belives no matter what the next wave of change brings, and regardless of how intensely the pace of change accelerates, the CIO of the future must be a Connected CIO. 

For CIOs, digital transformation must be prioritized above competing initiatives. The support of this claim is evident; because those who have made it the top priority are seeing quantified, tangible outcomes, and have fared better overall in today’s unpredictable business climate. Those organizations are better prepared to face the future and those CIOs are ready to rise to the occasion as their organizations increasingly rely on them.

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Monday, 30TH MARCH 2020
COVID-19 Update – We're still operational

During these unprecedented times – as the world grapples with COVID-19, we’re continuing to service our customers online until further notice. We thank you for your patience.

Please continue to monitor our website for updates, or contact us on 302 0500 or email to enquire.

Wednesday, 12th December 2018
Global makes PNG’s top 10 companies in Super industry awards for best employers

NASFUND – PNG’s national superannuation provider – recognized Global Internet Limited in their top 10 firms at the inaugural industry Employer Awards on 29 November 2018. 

The Employer Awards is a new initiative by NASFUND, and the first of its kind in PNG. The Awards recognize companies that actively engage in superannuation schemes for the benefit of their employees, with outstanding performance in meeting the requirements of the Superannuation (General Provision) Act 2000.

More than 2,500 companies were eligible to participate, but only 10 were honoured with awards. Global was pleased to receive the accolade as runner-up for Best Voluntary Contributing Employer (with fewer than 15 employees) in the Awards’ five categories.

Global’s Mr Tuan Farrhan and Mr Morgan Sehuri attended the awards gala presentation at the Gateway Hotel, Port Moresby. They accepted the award from NASFUND’s Brand Ambassador, Mr Ase Boas, who reinforced the concern that PNG has low levels of domestic savings. 

The lack of savings culture and the need for better financial education is what NASFUND aims to redress with their portfolio of financial services products. NASFUND tailors its products to its more than 11,000 members. The national super fund also relies on working in robust partnerships with employers. The Employer Awards are part of their overall five-year plan of initiatives to encourage employees to actively engage with their industry superannuation funds. 

Andrew Edwards, Global’s Owner and Managing Director, said: “Global is very pleased and honoured to receive runner-up among fierce competition from our peers in the Voluntary Contributing Employer category. To be placed in the top 10 companies for dealing efficiently with our superannuation is a great compliment to our small team who are dedicated to helping our employees.”

The Voluntary Contributing Employer category is scored for successfully processing fund member’s completed scheme forms and voluntary and salary sacrifice contributions speedily and efficiently. 

NASFUND’s CEO, Mr Ian Tarutia OBE, said: “We congratulate Global’s HR and Payroll teams on their dedication and commitment to superannuation.”