Global Internet accounts

How can I contact you for support?

Help is available by phoning +675 321 4322. Technical support is available 5 days a week from 8am to 5pm. Should you encounter a message system, please leave your name and phone number so we can get back to you. Should you require us to visit on-site for any reason, a minimum callout fee of K100.00 may apply.

What is my Customer ID?

Your Customer ID is a number you will have received on your Global Internet Invoice. This number identifies your account; you will need it when you contact our Accounts Department.

What is my Username?

Your Username is a word which is always all lower case. You use this name to dial-in to the Internet and will also require it when using email. When you open a new account you will be asked for a username. When you receive your invoice to confirm that your account has been set-up it will list your username.

Can I change my Username?

Yes, you can change your username. We can cancel your existing username and create a new one, however your email address will change accordingly. Call our helpdesk or email us on! Other contacts are here:

Phone support is available Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm by calling +675 321 4322 (Port Moresby) or +675 472 4311 (Lae).

What is my Email address?

Your Global Internet E-mail address is Where Username is your username. If you are uncertain of what your Username is please visit the Contact Global Internet page:

What is my password?

You are required to select a Password when setting up a Global Internet Internet account. This provides you with a way to keep your account secure. Your password should contain a combination of numbers and letters. Your Password does not appear on your invoice for security reasons; therefore, if you have forgotten your Password you will need to contact our support team:

When calling you will need your full name, mailing address and phone number. You will also need your Customer ID. Phone support is available Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm by calling +675 321 4322 (Port Moresby) or +675 472 4311 (Lae).

Can I change my password?

Yes, you can change your password. In fact it is a good idea to change your password frequently for security reasons. You can change your Password by contacting support: When calling you will need your full name, mailing address and phone number. You will also need your Customer ID.

Why was my username and password rejected?

Check you have spelt them correctly and ensure your caps lock key is not on. Usernames and passwords are generally all set to lower case. If you are using Windows NT, leave the domain field in your dialler blank as it will append this to your username.

HELP! I lost or forgot my FTP username and password. How do I obtain my username and password?

In order to obtain your FTP username and password, you will need to contact support and provide information that will help identify you or your company which includes a Global Internet Customer number, name it was registered under, company address, contact details etc: Phone support is available Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm by calling +675 321 4322 (Port Moresby) or +675 472 4311 (Lae).

When and how can I make changes to my Global Internet Account?

We only have 2 conditions on any account changes. Firstly, changes must be made on a calendar month basis, and secondly, written confirmation is required for security reasons. Account changes are implemented from the first of the following month after notification in writing is received. Password changes are implemented immediately.

If I'm currently on Dialup, can I change my Internet Service to ADSL and/or Wireless?

Yes you can! If you are currently using Global Internet’s dial-up service, simply download the Internet Application form, enter your existing account details and complete the ADSL and/or Wireless send it back to us and we’ll be in touch to make the new connections.

How much data have I used?

We have a User Services area which shows you a history of your logins. Click the “User Services” link in the top banner of the Global Internet section of this website and after entering your username and password you will have access to each month’s connection and data usage and a bill approximation complete with a comparison to if you were on a different plan. Alternatively, visit and this will take you to the same login screen.

We recommend you check your logs regularly.

Why is my Internet usage so high?

Internet services provided by Global are billed they same way as other utility services such electricity or water. Each time you connect to Global the amount of data you download is metered and billed accordingly. If you feel that your usage is too high, we offer services to help you examine your network and optimise your system making it as efficient as possible, please give us a call for more information.

If I just browse the web without downloading anything, surely I'm not using my download quota?

Downloading is an action. It is the transfer of information from a computer on the Internet to your computer. Browsing is a form of downloading. When you view Web pages, you have downloaded the information you see from the Internet. 

Web pages vary in size. A Web page with only a small number of pictures and a lot of text will be relatively small in size. A colourful Web page with video content and pictures will be, as a rule, a lot larger.
A good indicator of how large a Web page is how long it takes to download. Small pages appear on your screen quickly and larger pages take longer.

Some examples of downloads are:
• email (usually small downloads)
• Web pages (average data consumption)
• games (average data consumption)
• MP3s, music or pictures (more data consumption)
• Programs (can be large)
• video (heavy data consumption, at least 1MB/minute)

I am relocating - what do i need to do to relocate my GLobal Internet ADSL Service?

Pending ADSL availability we can change your service to another location, but you will incur new port (K17.34) and an activation fee (K50) at the new location.

How long does it take to relocate my Global Internet ADSL Service?

It will take approximately 10-14 working days.

My Network Card is connected at 100Mbit/sec. Why is my Internet connection not as fast?

When you see the network icon in the System Tray with the connection speed, whether it is 10/100mbps or 11/54mbps (wireless connections), this simply indicates the speed of the link between the computer and the network device (router or modem) this interacts with. Whether it's a modem/router, a network switch or a wireless access point, the reported speed is a reflection of the connection to that device into your computer.

However your Internet speed is solely determined on your external line, your modem and the plan you have with Global Internet. Regardless of the speed of the link between your computer and the modem or access point, your Internet connection should be whatever plan you are paying for with Global Internet. Expected ADSL download speeds depend on your ADSL plan and are as follows:

Broadband Speed Average in Kilobytes
256kbps ~25 kilobytes per second
512kbps ~50 kilobytes per second
1.5Mbps ~150 kilobytes per second

Why does my connection drop out on Dialup Services?

Due to the nature of the Internet, an occasional line drop out is to be expected as phone lines are designed to carry voice, not data. However, constant dropping out indicates a problem. Most of the causes of dropouts are to do with phone lines but there are a few simple things you can try yourself:



Disable call waiting

If you have call waiting on your phone line, disable it.

Adjust modem speed

Although most modems will default to a speed of 115,200kps, very few will actually hold a connection at this speed. Turn the modem down to 57,600 or even 38,400. You may find that this actually speeds up your throughput as there are fewer errors generated on a more stable connection.

Unplug all phones

Make sure that there are no other phones connected to the same circuit including extensions. Phones pull a little bit of power off the line at regular intervals to maintain memory and some phones can cause dropouts when this happens.

Try another modem

Some modems handle noisy lines better than others. If you are able to borrow another modem it is sometimes worth trying to see if it is your modem that is causing the problem.

Set an idle time out

Idle time is when you are still connected to us but not actually downloading anything. The time out option means that after a specified period your modem will automatically disconnect. We suggest you make this about 10 minutes as we have had users connected for up to 3 days and not realize it. Be sure to turn off the modem and unplug it from the phone line when you are finished, particularly during the wet. An idle time which is too short may be another cause of regular drop outs.