What is website hosting?

Website hosting is a service provided by Global Internet, it allows an individual who has been granted access, to upload HTML files to a computer on Global Internet's end, these HTML files in return are made viewable over the Internet by visiting a designated URL. HTML is a standard adopted by the world wide community to display information on the Internet, Website hosting is not limited to just displaying HTML files, given the server side functionalities are supported, other standards can be displayed or simply put, the website space can be used just as storage for files, any type of files.

What is Domain Name Hosting?

Domain Name Hosting is when your domain information is stored on our Domain Name Servers (DNS). 

Please Note: Domain Name Hosting does not allocate web space to host your Web Site or email addresses, nor does Domain Name Hosting give you access to the Internet. Click here to find out about Global Internet Web Site Hosting:

Can I host my website without hosting my Domain name with you?

Yes, it is possible to have Website Hosting without Domain Name hosting. All that is required is to ensure your Domain Name Hosting provider points your domain the space Global Internet has set up for you on one of our Hosting Servers. Hosting your website and Domain name with Global just means we can take of everything for you with little fuss.

Does website hosting include domain name hosting?

Global Internet Website Hosting includes Domain Name Hosting.

How can I apply for commercial and non-commercial Domain Names?

Complete a Domain Name Application form and send it back to us with payment and a photocopy of your IPA Business Registration Certificate (Only required for Commercial .com.pg or .net.pg domain names). Two years Domain Name Hosting fee is required for new users without an existing Global Internet Account. Visit our Web Hosting page for more information and fees.

Are there any mailboxes included in your domain and web hosting packs?

Global Internet domain name & website hosting packages do not include any mailboxes. Your internet data plan allows for a certain number of free mailboxes on our service and more are available for a fixed fee if you need them: http://www.global.com.pg/pages/global-internet/internet-plans

Why should my company have a domain name?

A Domain Name enables you to create a unique presence on the Internet. Your Web Site and employees' e-mail addresses will reflect your corporate identity rather than your Internet Service Providers name, and will make it easy for your clients to locate you on the Internet.

Having your own Domain Name will give your company and employees a professional and consistent image that can be reflected in all company stationery and advertising material. Employee e-mail addresses allow for their full name, for example: johnsmith@yourdomainname.com.pg.

Your Domain Name is portable when changing account types and Internet Service Providers, which means you can keep the same web site and e-mail addresses.

Your Domain Name does not indicate your company size therefore levelling the playing field.

Can I host my personal website using my account?

Yes, existing Global Internet Customers will have 200MB of Web space to use for basic HTML Websites – conditions apply. FTP settings to use are ftp://ftp.global.net.pg, use your account details for login and password.

Have a look at: http://www.global.com.pg/pages/global-internet/web-hosting

Why have Global Internet Host your Domain Name?

Having your Domain Name hosted on our stable network will mean fast and reliable service, along with 24hr, 365days a year uptime. It will also reduce network traffic that would occur if you were to host your own DNS server on your own LAN.

How does your company get its own domain name?

For .pg domains call us or email us on info@global.com.pg. Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm by calling +675 321 4322 (Port Moresby) or +675 472 4311 (Lae).

For international domains you can use any domain registry.

What Domain Name Registration rules do I need to satisfy?

International Domains
There is no restrictions on who can register international .com .net .org .biz or .info domains. Any individuals or companies on a first come first served basis can register domains as long as you are not infringing on any trademarks.

Specific eligibility and allocation rules apply to different domain extensions in different countries.

How much does registering a Domain Name cost?

The cost of registering a domain name varies, depending on the domain name registrar and the location. Global Internet can Register a Domain name on your behalf, then host the Domain Name and your website.

Which domain name should I choose?

The domain name you choose should meet 2 key guidelines: 

  • It should be easy for your customers to remember
  • It should say something about your organisation and protect your online identity.
  • Traditionally organisations have simply used their business name as the basis for their domain name. For example ibm.com and microsoft.com – this is a good place to start. If your organisation's exact name is unavailable, you can always consider abbreviations or acronyms.

How do I register for Domain Name Hosting with Global Internet?

To register for Domain Name Hosting with Global Internet, please email us on info@global.com.pg. Other contacts are here: http://www.global.com.pg/pages/contact.

What is a Registry Key?

A Registry Key is a password provided by a domain registrar which stops your domain from being transferred or tampered with by others.

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name Server/System) is a system used for connecting domain names to their webserver. It allows people to visit your web site by simply typing in your domain name rather that the IP Address.

How do I change my DNS settings?

Your DNS settings are automatically allocated by our DHCP server when you connect. If you need to make changes to DNS Records for your own domain hosted by us you must contact us: email info@global.com.pg and other contacts are here: http://www.global.com.pg/pages/contact.

How do I cancel my Hosting with Global Internet?

To cancel your Hosting services you must inform Global Internet in writing of this cancellation. Global Internet can the unconfigure the DNS system to not cause any conflict with your new domain name settings.

When my domain name is registered, who owns the domain name?

A domain name is leased during the time in which you have it registered. Under most circumstances, once you have successfully registered a domain name, it is yours to have hosted where you like, whilst you have paid for annual registration or renewal costs.

What happens if I made an error with the spelling of my domain name?

Some registrars will offer a grace period during the setup phase of your domain name, which will cater for such events. It is recommended that you consult the registrar as soon as you discover any error with the registration.

What is an A-Record?

An Address Record is used to link your domain to its corresponding IP Address.

What is an MX Record?

A Mail Exchange record identifies the mail server that handles email for you domain name.

What databases do you support?

We support MySQL which runs on Linux.

Do you support shopping cart?

A shopping cart is a solution to a problem rather than a service, an electronic shopping cart is software/code embedded in your website, as an example to keep track/count of items purchased through the website.

Will my site be fast if hosted with Global Internet?

The simple answer is yes, our servers are optimised to handle heavy loads. If your website has certain requirements that you feel need to be addressed then it is best to discuss these issues directly with the Webmaster, by emailing your question to info@global.com.pg. Other contacts are here: http://www.global.com.pg/pages/contact.

What sort of content am I allowed to publish on my website?

Global Internet is a responsible communication service provider, we conduct our business according Papua New Guinea communication legislations.

It is the responsibility of the publisher to ensure that their published contents are legal.

Global Internet will take appropriate actions to ensure that no illegal contents are published on Global Internet web servers. Global Internet will take appropriate action in response to complaints, and ensure the contents are in compliance with usage terms and conditions.

How do I publish pages on my website?

If you are publishing pages yourself you will need to use an FTP client or a website design program that includes one to upload files to your website.

Alternatively, Global Internet can design and develop your website for you and we have flexible solutions where you can add, delete and edit pages yourself using a Content Management System, or we can manage this on your behalf for an hourly fee. Click here for more information

Currently my domain is hosted by Global Internet - how do I request for website hosting and extra mail boxes?

Email us on info@global.com.pg! Other contacts are here: http://www.global.com.pg/pages/contact.