What is my password for my Email?

Your E-mail password is the same as that you use to log-on with. If you are uncertain of what your Password is please visit the Contact Global Internet page:

If you have multiple emails you will have different passwords for each email address.

How do I set up Email?

To set up an email account on most email software involves clicking on a menu item called Tools and select Account Settings. There you can generally find a wizard that asks you questions. Choose POP/SMTP mail, which is typically the first option. Leave everything default and enter your assigned email address when it prompts you, your assigned password when it prompts you and the mail servers it will ask you are the incoming and outgoing mail server addresses which are both the same for Global Internet:

Why do I get multiple copies of the same Email message?

This is caused when a mail program fails to send a "received" code for a specific message and the messages are repeated until it succeeds to send the code or the message is deleted from the server. To delete an E-mail from the server please visit and login with your usual login and password and there you can delete the offending mail.

Can I collect my Email from a different computer?

Yes. You will need to configure the Email Client on the new computer for your account. It is possible that if you receive mail on two computers that your mail will be split between the two computers. There is an advanced setting you can use on the mail account settings that says ‘keep mail on the server for x days’. If you set that to 14 days you have a 14 day window to receive mail on both computers.

A good alternative is to use webmail: which you can use from anywhere in the world.

How can I arrange to have new Email accounts set up with Global?

Simply give us a call on +675 321 4322 or download an Application Form.

How can I access my Email whilst overseas?

Go to and enter your email username and password and everything will be straight forward from there. You will have the ability to read, reply, compose, forward and delete your email messages anywhere in the world.