WireLESS IS MORE with Global's own, new and improved Global Internet Wireless Service available in Port Moresby and existing Wireless Services in Lae.

Benefits include:

  • Free installation in POM for all new and existing customers

  • Commercial and Residential Wireless Plans

  • One help desk for all your Internet, hosting and support needs

  • Existing Global Wireless customers experience no changes to email, website hosting, domain name, mail server or router when upgrading to the new Global service in POM. Simply unplug the old wireless cable and plug in the new Global Wireless cable!

  • Business “Plus” Plan for uncompromising performance in POM (dedicated 1:1 bandwidth)

  • No MB charge when receiving email from other Global users into your Global POP Account.

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Wireless Internet works just like ADSL, but it is carried through antennas. It is almost as fast as ADSL, but some antenna networks (or the equipment connected to it) are not as clever as others. The wireless signal is carried through radio waves and works best when you can actually see the radio tower where the signal comes from. Global uses the latest Motorola wireless infrastructure to ensure we have the best technology available.

Because the Internet actually enters PNG in Port Moresby (through the Pacific Mobile 'Tiare Gateway'), antennas that give you Wireless Internet outside of Port Moresby still travel through a Telikom owned network to get there. If you have Wireless Internet in the Port Moresby area you are independent from any Telikom copper wiring.

Wireless speeds are similar to ADSL, and Global’s network is specifically voice optimised so you can use Voice over IP and Skype with excellent results.