Country-wide Satellite Internet with Global

If you need a dedicated Satellite Service anywhere in Papua New Guinea we can supply, install and maintain your customised equipment. Global’s Satellite VSAT Internet access service enables businesses in even the most remote regions to receive reliable Internet access.

This service is simple for users to understand and easily integrated into any office network. And to ensure that customers are never without help, Global Internet provides 24-hour support via the Network Operation Center and advanced Quality-of-Service (QoS) support for voice and video. Virtual customer networks are also available.

Customers can either use Global’s plans and services for complete customer care and trusted local support, or choose their own internet service provider and hub, whether it be overseas or within PNG.

For pricing call the Global Internet team on +675 321 4322 (POM) or +675 472 7641 (Lae).

Shared Satellite Internet Service solution for Lae

Save investing in your own satellite equipment and use our Hub located in Lae to enjoy all the benefits of Satellite Internet with competitive pricing and full integration into Global Internet's services and support.

  • No need to purchase Satellite equipment - quick installation
  • Fixed monthly price - no hidden fees, no additional MB charges
  • Fully licensed and 100% independent of Telikom and Digicel
  • C-Band satellite frequency - reduced interference from rain
  • Reliable service with large 4.5m antenna
  • Ideal for redundancy or replacement of existing services
  • Free online tools to monitor your Internet performance
  • Optional Licensed Frequency re-distribution.

For pricing call the Global Internet team on +675 321 4322 (POM) or +675 472 7641 (Lae).

Shared Satellite Redundancy / Back-up Solution for Lae

If you're a business in Lae and enjoy wireless and ADSL services but can't afford the downtime that comes with these services and don’t want huge upfront or installation costs, you can use Global's Satellite services only during disruptions. You can enjoy: 

  • over 99% network uptime guaranteed
  • VoIP, high-bandwidth applications and video streaming

Among the many benefits of a shared Satellite Redundancy / Back-up solution in Lae, you:

  • use Satellite only when you need to – it switches on during disruptions and off again afterwards
  • pay a fraction of the cost of a dedicated Satellite Service
  • get immediate installation if you’re a Global Internet customer
  • need no extra equipment if you’re a Global Internet Wireless customer
  • enjoy better than 5:1 contention ratio.

For pricing call the Global Internet team on +675 321 4322 (POM) or +675 472 7641 (Lae).

Global’s VSAT Internet Service is great for businesses that:

  • Need more than 99% annual network up-time for emails, web browsing and basic internet applications
  • Need up to 1:1 contention ratio
  • Need reliability
  • Need economical, high data usage plans
  • Need a VSAT service that fully supports voice over IP, video conferencing and business applications such as Virtual Private Networks, CITRIX, ERP and EFT
  • Need dedicated and personalized 24/7 technical support, including extension to their LAN bandwidth management and optimization
  • Want tailored service with quality of service (QoS) support and customized QoS profiles that match their applications and traffic flows
  • Need multiple fiber optic links to 1st Tier carriers.

Shared Satellite servces are also great for Lae businesses that:

  • Can’t securely store a dedicated Satellite and associated equipment on their premises
  • Want no upfront equipment and installation costs
  • Want immediate installation.