Global Internet now provides Broadband ADSL! 

ADSL is a superior high-speed broadband Internet service suitable for fast and large downloads. While it uses your phone line, you can be on the phone and Internet at the same time and enjoy a permanent ‘always on’ connection.

Perfect for all business types, ADSL is the best Internet service using phone lines.

We use Telikom’s phone network, and you must have at least one Telikom Fixed Line Service (telephone) to secure your Global Internet ADSL connection.

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ADSL is a modern way to connect to the Internet and traditionally the most common way of getting ‘Broadband’ – a term used to indicate fast Internet. Generally speaking, it is at least four times faster than dialup, and as much as 35 times. No dialling up is required and so your Internet will always be on, making ADSL a very convenient Internet Access solution.

ADSL speeds will vary depending on how far away you are from the ‘Telikom Exchange’, and your phone line must be in good working order. If you can’t use the phone for calls, you certainly can’t use it for ADSL. You are still dependant on Telikom in that respect. To connect to ADSL Internet, it requires a Telikom technician to physically connect your line to special equipment (a DSLAM). Global has no access to that, and also, the equipment must be there to do it. This means not all exchanges are able to connect you to ADSL. It is important to have a good ISP like Global Internet, who can work with Telikom to make sure they do the connection and maintain their equipment.


Step One: Confirm you have a Telikom landline.
Step Two: Complete a Global Internet Application Form and choose an Internet plan that suits you. 
Step Three: Global Internet and Telikom will prepare your ADSL service.
Step Four: Global Internet and Telikom will install your ADSL service and the necessary equipment.
Step Five: You agree to the service connection, and your ADSL is activated*.

*To review fees and equipment requirements, visit our Fees page.

Existing Global Internet customers who wish to change to, or add ADSL to an existing Internet Plan and Access Service should complete the online Application Form, or download it here.

If you are a new Global Internet customer, please complete an Internet Service Application Form.