Global Internet provides secure and up to date anti SPAM protection on our mail servers, using sophisticated methods to help reduce your spam emails by marking any suspicious emails and filtering out viruses using black, white and grey filters.

Global’s email offerings include IMAP, POP and web-based services. This means that if we host your email (either Global email or email from your own domain), you can configure your email exactly as you want it. Global’s expertise in setting up mail servers means we can help configure your own Exchange Server on site, or offer the service though our own mailservers. Get your mail on your smart-phone, iPhone, laptop or from any internet café.

Overseas Roaming

Global Internet uses iPass and GRIC, two of the world’s major internet roaming facilitators, with services aimed at both business and consumer users. It allows you to use your Global Internet account to connect your laptop to the Internet when travelling overseas. Access can be obtained via worldwide wireless access spots, including inflight internet on select North American flights. Complete with apps for mobile phones and laptops to locate the nearest service!

Wireless networks

Whether in your own home or for your business, Global can ‘wire’ you up using wireless routers to enabling laptops and Smartphones to be networked without physically plugging into a cable. Ideal for using a laptop in the kitchen or in the bedroom or taking your laptop from desk to desk. Be able to wirelessly print, browse the net, or access files on other computers. Having a secure wireless network in your home or office is very convenient.

Dial-up Phone quality testing

Is someone assuring you that nothing is wrong with your phone line? Global can send an independent and certified technician to test for line-noise, check for correct voltage and polarity and locate any problems or issues that may cause telephony related services to become unstable, of poor quality or inoperative.

Overseas Server Hosting

Overseas hosted websites and mail servers (independent of PNG/Tiare MB charges) can save you money as data charges are more competitive overseas than in PNG. Global has good connections with Australian and other hosting companies that can host your services. Obviously for ultimate security and reliability we recommend hosting environments within PNG as we can personally offer you the quality of service that Global is known for.

Web Hosting

Having a website hosted on our servers means you have Global on your side the whole way. We offer high performing, reliable dedicated servers that are ideal for e-commerce sites, dynamic content sites, multimedia and database applications and high traffic. For budget website solutions we offer shared hosting environments; ideal for personal and smaller websites.

Café/Hotel Internet Services

Starting an Internet café or wishing to offer your customers or guests Internet access? Global is experienced in helping you find and implement solutions to provide you with secure guest accounts utilising your corporate Global Internet service. 

Microsoft Exchange Servers

Microsoft Exchange Servers can be set up and configured at your office, on your own server, or hosted by Global. Having your own Exchange Server means that you can access your Outlook calendar, notes and email any time you have access to the Internet. Your own Exchange server ensures that your company emails remain confidential and are not compromised by outside sources. This enhanced security allows companies to feel confident their email system is protected at all times and allows employees and customers to utilise the email system to its full potential.

Domain Name Hosting and Management

Global caters for all your domain needs, configuring A Records, CNAME records and other important DNS settings to ensure your website and mail function according to your needs. Global supports domain redirection to external POP servers, websites, and offers support for multiple domain names for the same site and mapping of domain emails.

Example: You have a free website at and now want to buy your own domain name to get professional looking emails and web address. Global can help you register which maps to your existing website and the can be directed to your Global email account.

Server Hosting

If you don’t want the trouble of having your own server in the office, don’t have reliable connections to your other offices/clients, or do not have IT staff to maintain and update a server, then Global has a solution for you.

Global can host a server for you, whether it's a shared one or a physical server on our premises. Either way, you and your employees can securely access your server remotely as thought it is in your office. Global looks after the security, the updates, and VPN tunnelling where required ensuring your office is securely connected to your data. This is a great solution for Intranets, and Global Internet can also be provided through this service.


With a Leased Line service you can enjoy a permanent connection between your offices utilising a Telikom line dedicated solely to your organisation. Using special hardware you can use this leased line to have several phone and fax lines running between offices as well as data (including internet).

Although the monthly Telikom cost of a Leased Line is high, it means you can make free calls between your connected office sites, share data, and benefit from Telikom local call charging in any of the locations.

By using multiple Leased Lines between locations, a fully redundant network can be built allowing traffic to be re-routed in the event of a Telikom fault on one or more lines. You can enjoy a fully secure 1:1 synchronous data access available in speeds up to 256kb/sec. It is also ideal for enterprise intranets and extranets.

Leased Lines are scalable and can be configured according to your needs.