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Global’s Satellite VSAT Internet access service is the next step in Internet technology for PNG. Just as it sounds, satellite dishes are used to provide broadband IP connectivity to anywhere in the world. This technology enables businesses in even the most remote regions to receive reliable Internet access.

This service is easy for users to understand and easily integrated into any office network. And to ensure that customers are never without help, Global Internet provides 24-hour support via the Network Operation Center and advanced Quality-of-Service (QoS) support for voice and video. Virtual customer networks are also available.

Customers can either use Global’s plans and services for complete customer care and trusted local support, or choose their own internet service provider and hub, whether it be overseas or within PNG.

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Global Internet is bringing its unique Satellite C-Band Access Service to Lae – and it doesn’t cost the earth!

Just choose our Satellite Back-up or Club Access Plan to avoid equipment and installation costs, share in our Hub, located in Lae, and get all the benefits of Satellite service. 

Or, if you need a dedicated Satellite Service, we can supply, install and maintain your customised equipment anywhere in the country under our Exclusive Plan.

We’ve invested in the right technology for the right environment. We use the lower frequency, C-Band, because it’s the best type for rainy conditions — perfect for Lae!


To ensure your Satellite Service operates at its best, we package a service agreement with your plan so you get quality service and help desk access 24/7.

Satellite Plans Available (LAE):


Use Satellite only when you need it!

Ideal for businesses that:

  • can’t afford downtime
  • need over 99% network uptime guaranteed
  • enjoy wireless and ADSL speeds every day
  • use VoIP, high-bandwidth applications and stream video and
  • don’t want huge upfront or installation costs.

Among the many benefits, you:

  • use Satellite only when you need to – it switches on during disruptions and off again afterwards
  • pay a fraction of the cost of a dedicated Satellite Service
  • get immediate installation if you’re a Global Internet customer
  • need no extra equipment if you’re a Global Internet Wireless customer
  • enjoy better than 5:1 contention ratio.


To use Satellite as your primary access service, choose our Club and Exclusive plans.


A shared Internet Satellite Service with the advantages of a Satellite without the equipment fees and ongoing maintenance. Plus, our No Over-Subscription policy will protect your service’s performance.


A dedicated Satellite Internet Service with your own equipment on your own premises.

What’s the difference between Club and Exclusive? Here’s a comparison table:

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